TUNES digest, Vol 1 #356 - 8 msgs

Lynn H. Maxson Lynn H. Maxson" <
Fri May 30 13:03:01 2003

By the way the "interface" approach mentioned in this thread 
occurred some 30 years ago as part of the Structured Design 
methodology introduced by Larry Constantine.  The first 
stage, Structured Analysis, was based on the use of 
"dataflows", consisting of only 5 symbols: inputs, outputs, 
processes, data stores (persistent data), and connecting lines.

The inputs and outputs represented interfaces to the 
"external" environment while the connecting lines contained 
the "internal" interfaces.  Once complete a relatively simple 
algorithm existed for transforming the network of dataflows 
into hierarchical set of structure charts.  I suggest you 
reference some of the books by DiMarco.