TUNES digest, Vol 1 #356 - 8 msgs

Lynn H. Maxson Lynn H. Maxson" <
Sat May 31 19:19:01 2003

James Michael DuPont writes:
"...I think that the entire message is that we are going to have 
a system where the type definer and type user are becoming 
one. The system is able to define itself, and we have a 
breakdown in the class society.  This is a revolutionary 
process imho. ..."

I apologize upfront to Fare for responding to the same mailing 
list in which this messsage appeared.  I don't quite know how 
to make the shift to move it to someplace else.

The message correctly depicts the different goals between 
the type definers and the type users with only one exception 
of which I am aware: PL/I.  The message, however, indicates a 
merger at some time in the future which occurs already as 
part of the implication of open source where the givers arise 
from the taking community.

For whatever negatives expressed here about the gcc 
compiler (and I'm certainly no fan of C) it does give you the 
source for the tool as well as both the right and means to 
change it.  Thus it ceases to be them or us.  If we do not take 
advantage of the situation to improve the tools in ways to 
increase our productivity, then surely we will add one more 
vote to Pogo Possum's comment that "We have met the 
enemy and he is us".