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Lynn H. Maxson Lynn H. Maxson" <lmaxson@pacbell.net
Fri May 30 17:29:02 2003

 Fran=87ois-Ren=82  VB Rideau writes:
"Anyway, inasmuch as this discussion is about reviewing 
known techniques, it ought to be done on Cliki.Tunes.Org 
instead of this mailing-list. ..."

Brian T. Rice (waters) writes:
"May I re-interpret "we need a language" as a call for HLL 
There are certainly a lot of misconceptions among today's 
posters.  Certainly the designs in 
http://tunes.org/HLL/architecture.html should explain that 
we're not talking about a single language, but something more
akin to a network. ..."

Ah, I can see it's time to return to lurker mode.<g>  Consider 
me properly chastised.  In seeing some signs of intelligent life 
in the universe I allowed seeing a spark to override my 
common sense of the fate of previous attempts.<g>

In departing I would remind all that even a "contract" engages 
in matching a solution set to a problem set.  Normally one 
needs offer no more in a solution set than exists in the 
problem set.  You can resort to esoterics or higher level 
abstracts, but redefining the problem set in terms of the 
solution set marks a reversal of reality.  KISS and Occam's 
Razor says that if we have one language which describes the 
problem set completely, we need no more than one other for 
the solution set.  We should have as close a match as possible 
between the expressions of one to that of the other.

Enough.  Back to lurker mode.