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Thomas Novelli tnovelli at
Wed Nov 16 19:58:32 PST 2005

On 11/16/05, Brian Rice <water at> wrote:
> Thanks. For reference, these mediawiki documents are helpful:
> I don't have time just now, but the latter we need to grok and apply
> to our pages which are themselves categories. Our categorizations
> were preserved, but we need to make pages for those categories and
> figure out how to list the elements. It may be done easily or with a
> formatting convention - I'll look later if someone hasn't
> demonstrated it already.

The problem is, Mediawiki has a separate namespace for categories, but
I dumped all pages into the default namespace.

Example: There's an ML page, and several other pages (DML, OCAML,
etc.) belonging to the ML category, but the Category:ML page didn't
exist.  I was going to move ML to Category:ML, but that doesn't work,
so I created Category:ML containing {{:ML}} to "transclude" the ML
page.  Now it resembles the CLiki page, but it's not as compact... We
should fix that.

See for yourself:

Maybe we need to do this the other way around... move the ML text to
Category:ML, and replace it with {{:Category:ML}}

Now, who wants to do that for 129 categories?  Or do we do it with SQL
and live dangerously? :-)

> Also, the recent changes page has stopped rendering successfully - we
> should figure out why and fix this, so we can track, e.g. via RSS.

I first noticed that after I deleted the "Recent Changes" page that
was imported from CLiki, but I've finally exhonerated myself.  The
"rebuildrecentchanges" script bungled something up.  It does the same
thing on my test wiki at home, with Mysql 4.

So, just don't run "rebuildrecentchanges" or "rebuildall"... If it
happens by mistake, just "DELETE FROM recentchanges WHERE rc_id >
[last good one];" ... or leave out the WHERE clause, because nobody
will care after a few days :-)


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