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Sun Aug 6 11:42:09 PDT 2006

On 8/6/06, Massimo Dentico <m.dentico at> wrote:
> ....
> > Unfortunately the "my contributions" page is broken:
> >
> Yes, as other "special pages", for example "What links
> here".
> ...
> These are all problems caused by the transition from
> CLiki to MediaWiki. Apparently, I'm the only one that
> occasionally pay attention to our wiki (mostly banning
> spammers and reformatting pages, I don't add much content
> these days as was in the past). My motivation has gone,
> so I do very little to mantain this wiki.

Mediawiki is a piece of junk... I set it up here, so I should know :-)  I
think some of that stuff used to work until Tril upgraded the system a few
months ago.  It may work well enough for Wikipedia, but it's not what we

CLiki was nice, clean, and relatively fast... it only lacked adequate spam
control.  I will happily make the conversion back to CLiki or some other
suitable wiki... heck, I could even write one... But there ought to be a
Wiki that'll work right out of the box... any suggestions?

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